You’ve seen limos riding around in the movies, and you probably have many preconceived notions about them. Well, we’re here to bust any of the myths you might believe about limousine services.

Myth: Hiring a limo service and chauffeur is only for the rich and famous
You’ve seen rich and famous people in movies and on television riding around in limos with personal chauffeurs on standby, but that’s not how it is in real life. Well, there may be some celebrities with a life like this, but you don’t need to be a celebrity to take a ride in a limo. Limos aren’t as expensive as you think, and if you have a big party, you can all split the cost and make it more affordable for everyone.

Myth: You can only rent a limousine for a special occasion
A lot of people think that limos are for weddings, prom, and that’s about it. While limos make great methods of transportation for events like that, you can rent a limo for whatever you want! You can ride around town in a limo for date night, rent a limo for a proposal picnic day, or send a limo to pick up a client from the airport. Around 50% of limousine services are used for business and corporate customers during the week, so you really can rent a limo for any reason at all.

Myth: Limousine is a brand
The term “limousine” does not indicate some sort of brand name for a vehicle, despite what some people may believe. Rather than referring to a specific make or model car, the term more accurately refers to the type of service you can expect. You have a lot of selection when it comes to the type of vehicle you want you to use, including traditional stretch limos, town cars, vans, and more. The wide selection allows you to choose whatever your personal style reflects.

Myth: Limousines are only for adults
It is true that children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult in most cases, but kids can still enjoy a ride in a limo. They can celebrate birthdays, enjoy sightseeing, or ride with the bride on her way to the wedding. The flower girl deserves to ride in style, too.

Limousine services cater to anyone, for any occasion, with their dream choice of vehicle. If you want to rent a limo for any occasion, check out our fleet and give us a call today.

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