If you’re looking for a driver, you have a lot of options. No matter the event, you can choose a professional limo, a party bus, or even an Uber. Uber is incredibly popular right now, and many people decide to ride with Uber. So, why choose a limo over Uber? Here are some things that might convince you.

Limos are professional
If you want to become a limo driver, you have to do a little more than simply slap a sticker on your car and go through a background check. Professional limo drivers are licensed to be just that. They are full-time employees who dedicate their time to your needs, not just someone willing to drive you to your work on the way to their own office.

Limousines allow you to ride in style
If you’ve ever taken an Uber before, you know that you might be riding in just about anything. You might show up to a party in a beat down, rusted out old car that barely runs. Instead, you could arrive in style in a limo.

You have guaranteed rates with a limo
Uber is notorious for their “primetime” or “surge” pricing. This means if you need to call an Uber during busy hours, you’re going to have to pay more. This isn’t the case with a limo. You book the car, and you pay the rate presented to you. There’s no surge in price if the service gets busy.

Limos go through more screening
In many states, Uber drivers and their cars don’t have to go through the same type of screenings that limos and their drivers do. For example, many limos need to go through regular inspections as well as pay for certifications. Uber drivers just have to follow the state’s laws on inspections for their personal vehicles. Plus, limo drivers must obtain and maintain a chauffeur’s license, and Uber drivers just need to pass their driver’s test when they’re 16.

So, why choose a limo over Uber? Limos are professional, they are stylish, the rates are locked, and drivers are screened rigorously. Right now, there are about 130,000 limousines in service throughout the United States; choose one instead the next time you think about calling an Uber.

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