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How can wedding shuttle services enhance the experience of your big day for you, your spouse and your guests?

Did you know that 71% of couples find wedding planning more nerve-wracking than other major life events?  It’s understandable. After all, you want everything to be absolutely perfect on your big day — long before and after you say, “I do.”  You may not be able to control the weather or your Uncle Joe’s obnoxious laugh, but one thing you can control is how you’ll get around on your wedding day. The easiest way to cross that item off your list (and reduce your stress levels) is by booking a wedding shuttle with an experience chauffeured transportation company.

So, let’s talk about some specific ways a wedding shuttle will enhance your wedding day:

1. Luxurious Arrival & Departure

We’ll begin with the most obvious perk: the luxury experience.

Could anything be more stylish than arriving at your wedding venue in a sleek sedan or limousine? It turns an ordinary trip from your home or hotel into a head-turning grand statement. And after the ceremony, you’ll feel like royalty as you wave goodbye to everyone from the back seat.  Booking a coach large enough to hold your family and wedding party allows your loved ones to share in the luxurious experience too. No one should have to settle for anything less on your special day.  Bonus: No one will have to worry about parking either! This can be especially problematic if you’re getting married downtown or in an area with limited parking options.

2. Less Logistics to Worry About

The logistics of getting everyone to and from the wedding venue can be daunting.

Do you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town? What about your one friend who’s notoriously late for everything? What happens if someone gets stuck in a traffic jam? And where is everyone going to park?  Wedding shuttles services are designed to safely and efficiently move large groups of people. Mini Coach shuttles can move up to 35 people at a time, minimizing the number of trips required to get everyone to and from the venue. This can be a godsend for out-of-town guests who don’t know their way around. Need something larger.  Consider a luxury 56 passenger motor coach to accommodate almost twice as many passengers at one time.  Here’s another factor you may not have considered: What if there’s a major concert, conference, or sporting event happening on your wedding day? You may not be aware of things happening in the city that could affect traveling and parking — but your transportation company and chauffeur will.  If there are any road closures, traffic jams, or other factors that could affect your travel time, your driver will know exactly where and how to make adjustments.

3. Keeps Everyone Together & Entertained

Your wedding day will be a blur, but you’ll still want to spend as much time as possible with the people you love.

A major advantage of a wedding shuttle is it allows you extra minutes and hours with your family and friends. Keep the bridal party together (and the good times rolling) or make the journey with your parents and immediate family members. Or, the bride and her tribe can ride together while the groom hangs out with his groomsmen in another vehicle.  What about the rest of your guests? A wedding shuttle is ideal for them too! Chances are you’ll have a lot of attendees from different phases of your life — your childhood best friend, your college roommate, your current work colleagues. This is the perfect chance for all the important people in your life to meet, mix, and mingle.  Shuttles keep everyone safe too, ensuring no one gets behind the wheel after those champagne toasts. That way, everyone can enjoy the party to the max without the need for a designated driver. And if COVID-19 is still a concern by then, rest assured that the shuttle company will take all necessary precautions.

4. Shuttles Move More Than Just People

It’s no secret that many brides and grooms forget to eat on their wedding day. Between getting ready, taking pictures, and pre-wedding jitters, food is often the last thing on your mind. Most shuttle services will allow you to bring your own food and beverages to enjoy during the ride. Be sure to include snacks that are nutritious and easy to handle in a moving vehicle. Think veggie sticks, cheese squares, nuts, or finger sandwiches.  Even better, have you heard of charcuterie cones?  If your shuttle service allows alcohol, bring the champagne or drinks of your choice. And make sure there is plenty of water.  Overland always provides a cooler of chilled bottle water complimentary on all wedding shuttles.  Even if you only have time for a few sips or bites between activities, you and your guests will stay hydrated and avoid a blood sugar crash later in the day.

Bonus tip: Many couples underestimate how many items they’ll need to take with them after the ceremony and reception are over. Flowers, gifts, centerpieces, and other items can quickly overwhelm a small car. But in your wedding shuttle, there’s plenty of room for everyone and everything!

5. Amazing Photo & Video Ops

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the incredible instagrammable photo opportunities that come with booking a limo or coach. There’s the classic shot of the happy couple toasting in the back of the limo, but that’s only the beginning. Think of all the group shots your photographer can capture of the gang having a blast together. There are also external shots to consider, like your bridal party lined up beside the coach or your limo reflecting the city lights.
Meanwhile, your videographer can capture your arrival and departure (and make you look like rock stars in the process). If they’re riding along with you, they’ll also be able to record your best man’s impromptu speech or the entire wedding party singing along with a favorite song.

Chances are those memories you make in your wedding shuttle will be some of the highlights of your big day!

Book Your Wedding Shuttle Package Today!  Don’t leave your transportation to chance on your big day.  Ensure everyone shows up safely (and on time) with a luxurious wedding shuttle service. It’s the best way to keep the party going all day long — and make memories you’ll treasure forever.

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