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The next time you’re considering using a rideshare service or hailing a cab, check out a town car service instead. If you are heading home from the airport, out to dinner or to a game, consider a town car service.

Use A Town Car Service!

Do you have a special night planned? Are you arriving in a new city for a business meeting or conference? Have you had a few drinks and need to get home safely?

Don’t risk using a rideshare service or waiting for a cab.

Don’t pay ridiculous surge prices only to ride home in a beat up car that smells like cigarettes, or worse.

The next time you need a ride, consider a town car service. Read on for the top five reasons to consider town car service.

1 – Comfort

Traditional cab service cars usually have considerable wear and tear. The amount of hard city miles takes a toll on the engine and the interior. These cabs are often in rough condition both inside and out.

Ride-share services are a dice roll. While convenient, you don’t know the state of any vehicle until you are inside. These companies do have certain standards on make and model, but the condition and care are up to the individual driver.

Black car service eliminates the mystery.  At Overland, we take our passengers’ safety and comfort very seriously.

2 – Class

The car you ride in should fit the occasion. A cab or rideshare car may be fine for a quick ride home from the bar. But not for an important business meeting, dinner at a five-star restaurant or a black-tie event.

Town car service fleets are luxury, style and class. At Overland we offer you the largest, most diverse, new model fleet in Kansas City.

You should expect clean, well-maintained executive sedans and luxury cars when you use a town car service like Overland. And unlike cab or rideshare services, you will have a comfortable, stress-free ride for your special event, meeting or airport trip.

3 – Accountability

Any frequent user of a traditional cab or rideshare service has at least one horror story of a terrible driver. There are plenty of these types of drivers and with a little bad luck, you will end up in their car.

These drivers might be reckless or get lost. They can be too talkative and attempt to engage you in wildly inappropriate conversation.  That is very uncomfortable for a passenger.

Worse still, they might act inappropriately or illegally toward you.  Female safety with rideshare companies has been a growing concern for years.

Even though ride-share services have a driver rating system, that is no guarantee of reliable service.  Why take the risk? We take our reputation seriously and would never put our customers through this stress.

4 – Reliability

Every city is different and may have its transportation issues. Cabs are fairly accessible in places like New York City, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

Other cities have less than ideal cab services. They can be expensive and have long wait times. In some cities, cab services are nearly non-existent, or sometimes don’t bother showing up.

While ride-share services have helped fill the transportation gaps in these cities, how quickly you get a car depends on how many drivers are out at any given time. You may end up waiting longer than you think.

Any city’s airport presents these same challenges.

Every airport has a unique layout, often with a different pick-up and drop-off area for cabs and rideshare cars. This depends on an individual city’s transportation rules and regulations.

Navigating through a large airport to find a cab or rideshare stand can be a frustrating experience. And to wait 20 minutes or longer for a driver can be even more frustrating.

If you have somewhere to be quickly for business or leisure, save yourself the hassle and plan with an airport town car service.

Drivers for these services are TSA screened and will meet you at the gate or baggage claim to assist with your luggage and escort you to your car.  Rideshare and cab drivers aren’t even allowed inside the terminals.

5 – Fixed Costs

Any vacation or business travel budget can be busted on transportation costs. In many cities, traditional cabs can be unexpectedly expensive, and ride-share service prices fluctuate from minute to minute given time of day and surge pricing.

One of the luxuries of town car service is the upfront limousine rental cost quote.

In a corporate setting, this stable pricing for service can help any company effectively budget reliable travel for their employees.

In a leisure setting, this pricing can allow travelers to get the most from their vacation budgets without surprises.  Not to say that town car service is cheaper than cab or rideshare, but sometimes it could be.  And more importantly, there are no surprises.  You will get much for for your money when using a professional town car service.

Why Use a Town Car Service?

There is an incredible amount of variables when using cab services or ride-share. The price fluctuation alone can transform a wonderful vacation or productive business trip into a nightmare.

Then consider the drivers, the shabby quality of the cars, the less than stringent accountability measures, and your choice will be simple.

Rather than pay for unreliable and possibly unsafe service, the next time you are out on the town or coming from the airport, consider a town car service.

As the saying goes, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”.

To ride with safety, style and class, please refer to our services page, COVID-19 protocols page and contact us for pricing information.

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