At Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Services in Daytona Beach, we believe that everybody should ride in a limo at least once in their lives. There’s something to be said about the classy luxuriousness of a stretch limousine. And yet, there are many who still haven’t had this experience. Unfortunately, there are several myths about limousine rental services that are frequently propagated, and some of these have people convinced that limos aren’t for them. We believe there’s a time and place for everyone to ride a limo, so let’s break down some common misconceptions.

Limos are Only For VIPs

The limousine is an iconic image for the rich and the wealthy; it’s what you see the president riding in, it’s what the movie stars step out of when they arrive at the red carpet, it’s what ultra high-profile CEOs hire in movies, and so on. A lot of people believe the false premise that limos always have someone special in them, because truth be told, that’s all we ever see in the movies and media.

The truth is that while limos are a go-to choice for wealthy VIPs, anybody can enjoy a limo, including your kids, and you don’t have to be wealthy to do it! Sometimes, the average joe just needs a classy and luxurious night out, and you’d better bet we’re willing to provide it at Sunshine Chauffeur Limo Services!

Limo Services are Unaffordable

Okay, it might cost a lot if you wanted to buy a limo, but that’s not really on the agenda for most folks. Limousines are the very picture of luxury—stretch cars driven by professional chauffeurs that have beautifully decorated interiors with various amenities. Of course, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they’re probably expensive.

But, when you break things down, limo services are much more affordable than you’d probably think! Most limo service companies, Sunshine Chauffeur included, have two different payment models: by the hour and one-time trip. Both options are competitively priced so that you’re getting your money’s worth, based on your destination and requested time.

Furthermore, riding in a limo is quite often a group activity. If you split the cost between the group, you can often get away with a limo ride for little more than what you’d pay to go to dinner and a movie. We price our limo rides based on the details of your specific trip; if you’re curious about rates, contact us for a free quote!

Limo Services are Only For Special Occasions

This is another myth that’s largely perpetuated by confirmation bias. Most people don’t see limousines on a day-to-day basis, and for some people, their only exposure to a limo is when they’re in the midst of a special occasion. A birthday, a prom dance, a football game, you name it, it’s not uncommon to see limousines dropping people off in that context.

But when it comes down to it, limousines are always available for rental, no matter the occasion! Want to call a limo just to see what it’s like to ride around in one? Done. Want to call a limo to take you home from work just for the heck of it? Done. Want to call a limo to take you to Burger King? Done. We’re not saying it’s common for people to call limos for superfluous reasons, but we want to make the point that the occasion doesn’t have to be special or significant! Sunshine Chauffeur is always ready to drive you around in a limo.

Affordable Limo Services Only Use Old Limousines

It seems like people are always trying to rationalize reasons why they’re not elite enough for a quality limo ride. We’ve seen this train of thought over and over: Limousines must only be for VIPs, and if they’re not, they must be too expensive to afford. And if they’re not, they must only be for special occasions. And if they’re not, they must only use old outdated limos.

Nope, that’s another myth! The truth is, most limo service companies have contemporary and exciting vehicles that go beyond the classic six-person stretch Town Car (though we do have that for the traditionalists). The crown jewel of Sunshine Chauffeur’s fleet is our Late Model Cadillac Escalade that seats up to 20 people.

Here’s another thing you might not know— limo services often have more options for luxury car travel than just limousines. At Sunshine Chauffeur, you can ride in style in our classic 1963 Lincoln Continental. If vintage cars aren’t your thing, and you’re not feeling the pomp and circumstance of a limousine, you can also take a comfy ride in our Luxury Range Rover. In any case, we’ve got options for you!

Limousine Rentals for Anyone and Everyone

We hope that this blog post has helped to elucidate some of the common misconceptions about limo services. At Sunshine Chauffeur, we believe that a night in a limousine can be a special and treasured memory for anybody, no matter the circumstance. We take pride in providing you with luxury travel, and we’re all too happy to do it. If you’re looking to break through the monotony of everyday life, contact us today for a free quote!