Why Doesn’t Email Get the Respect it Deserves?


You can build your Brand using Landing Pages, Email, Social Media, Blogs and apps as part of your successful Digital Marketing Strategy.  Of the items mentioned, do you know what is the most overlooked and most important element of any digital marketing program?  The answer is EMAIL.

Email is the foundation upon which you build the success of every other facet of your Digital Marketing Strategy. 


Email Makes Your Digital Marketing Strategy Work


Email is the glue that ensures that your digital marketing works and I want you to understand why email is so important.  I also want to help with ideas to improve your email, increase your use of email and how to make it more engaging for the recipients.


Build Your Email List to Make Your Digital Marketing Succeed


It’s a huge mistake if you underestimate the value of Email as the core you build your Digital Marketing Strategy around.  Email marketing has consistently proven itself to be the one marketing avenue that brings in the highest conversions for companies all over the world.  

There is a reason companies are always pushing to get customer email addresses.  No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from building an email marketing list.  

The faster you do it, the sooner you will start seeing the results.


Email Builds Your Brand Visibility


Marketing emails give you Brand visibility, direct customer engagement, and click-through traffic which all works to give you greater sales. Even social media doesn’t have the Return On Investment that emails do.

Let’s look at some email marketing stats:

That’s a significant increase in sales from emails over a short period of time, and it proves that email is a more powerful tool than ever.


5 Quick Ways to Build Your Email List


You can quickly build your email list, choosing from many different methods.  The best approach is to incorporate one of the methods at a time so you can gauge how each helps build your successful Digital Marketing Strategy.  

Let’s discuss some of the most effective methods individually and learn how easy it is for you to embrace a Digital Marketing Strategy that will work to enhance your business reputation and your customer experience.


Build A Landing Page to Collect Email Addresses


If you have a website or product launching, you can create a simple landing page to begin building brand awareness.  Even better build several landing pages, give each Landing Page a unique domain and mission.


Learn How to Target Specific Visitors


This makes it possible to build your Email list quickly by targeting specific visitors.  Engage your visitors by placing an email form for people to be alerted the moment you launch, so they will be the first to know.


It Doesn’t Require Specific Skills to Succeed


Even if you lack the technical skills, using services like LeadPages you can have a Landing Page up in minutes, and begin engaging customers and receiving sign ups as soon as the Landing Page is live.


Your Landing Pages Must Load Quickly


The important thing about landing pages that many businesses don’t understand.  Your landing page needs to be fast!   I can’t believe how many leads are lost just because the landing page doesn’t load quickly.  

Use this free tool to diagnose your page speed and also ensure that you are properly hosting your website to avoid downtime issues.


Host A Webinar to Build Your Email List


Webinars are becoming more popular by the day, and it is no wonder.  They give people all the benefits of going to a conference lecture without ever having to leave their home.  It is convenient and a lot cheaper without the hotel and airfare.


A Live Presentation, Then it Lives on YouTube


Host a live webinar, and then put the recording on your website and on Youtube for people to view when it is convenient for them.  Not only is this a great content strategy, but it gives you an opportunity to create a sign up form that includes both email addresses and other important data.


Third Party Sites Make Webinar’s Easy to do


GoToMeeting and ClickMeeting make it easy to host, customize, record and invite people to your webinars.  The response to a single webinar can result in many emails from the live broadcast and later views of the archived webinar.


Offer Premium Content To Build Your Email List


Let’s say you are reading this post and you find it informative and interesting.  You finish reading and you find out there is a much more thorough, instructive version available.  

All you have to do is provide your email, then follow the confirmation link to this premium content.


Your Great Content Drives Your Email Acquisition


This is another great strategy for both content marketing and email acquisition. Usually referred to as content upgrading, it is guaranteed to get your reader’s attention, and their info.


Write Your Own Content To Attract More Visitors


Check out IMN Marketing Resources page for a solid example of premium content that they offer as an incentive to provide your information to receive their premium content.  

Even better, write your own content to share.  It’s not that difficult to do and the topics you can choose from are unlimited.  Use your imagination.



Offer Emailed Incentives to Visitors


Before the initial release of Google+, Google invited a small number of users to sign up for information about the planned launch.  Those users invited their friends and followers to sign up to try Google+ before it’s official release.


Create Excitement Among Your Visitors


All the invites were sent using Email.  Google created a lot of excitement which made their Google+ launch successful.  

Give users the opportunity to send special offers to their friends if they provide their email.  The friend receives the offer, then provides their own email address, and passes it on.


Publish eBooks to Build Your List


eBooks provide a unique method to spread your content, enhance your reputation, build your brand, and gain momentum in your marketing campaign.  Offer your ebooks free for an email signup, and your email marketing list will grow very quickly.


Engage and Inform Visitors Building Their Trust


Your goal needs to be to engage and inform your visitors.  Ensure that you are creating well written ebooks with topics which visitors will find value in and enjoy reading.  

Don’t sacrifice quality and disappoint visitors with a poorly written product that only exists to build your marketing list.


Let’s Re-cap What’s Important to Email List Building


Building an email list is important to your business growth, and will lead to greater conversions than any other method available.  We have examined several effective techniques to build your email list.  


Don’t be Afraid to Fail


The most important thing to remember, don’t be afraid of failure.  Don’t be overly critical of your attempts to write your own content.  Edit and re-edit what you have written.  Then have someone else read it and ask them to edit too.  


Establish a Conversation With Your Visitors


Remember it’s not rocket science, you want to convey your message in an easy conversational manner that will engage and inform your readers.  Use the methods we have discussed in this article and tell the story your readers want to hear.