We understand that popping the question during the holidays is something that a lot of people do and why not? The magic of the season paired with the lights and decorations make a holiday proposal seem like the perfect occasion. However, we understand that the holiday season can be busy and that maybe it’s not the best time to propose. No matter when you propose, a limo can be a great way to add to that memory that neither of your will not soon forget. Keep reading to learn how our limo service in Daytona Beach can help you create a meaningful and memorable proposal.

Coyly Invite Family and Friends

We understand that for some, being alone together is what would make your proposal special. However, for some having those most dear to you both is part of what would make your proposal unforgettable. Booking a limo can help you take all of your family and friends with you without arousing suspicion and will alleviate the pressure of deciding who gets to ride with you to the place where you’re planning to pop the question. Taking everyone in a limo with you will allow all those you care about to have a night to remember. Also, they can help you capture the special moment with photos and video.

Surprise Your Significant Other

We understand that renting a limo and letting your partner know ahead of time about the limo service may cause your significant other to be suspicious. With this in mind, why not make the limo part of the surprise? It’s easy to think that all of the festivities are over when Christmas ends and the new year begins, and that maybe you decided to wait a few months longer to propose. Unlike those who proposed during the holidays, you have the advantage of truly surprising the love of your life not only with a special night, but also with your proposal.

Treat Your Partner

Our chauffeurs understand that you know best how to treat your significant other. However, we are in the business of providing the best experience and service in Daytona Beach. We would love to help you treat your partner with a night they’ll never forget. If you decide to let us help you create the most memorable and special moment, ask us about our date night deals. All of our chauffeurs are experienced and know how to help you give your partner an unforgettable night.

The holiday season is the time of the year to pop the question. However, if you haven’t yet and are looking for a way to truly surprise to your special someone in a special way, then we highly suggest you book with the professional limo service you can trust in Daytona Beach, Sunshine Chauffeur Limousine Services. A limo not quite your style? Check out our entire fleet of classic and sophisticated vehicles, including our boats. Book now!