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The next time you’re considering using a ride share service or hailing a cab, use a town car service instead. If you are heading home from the airport, out to dinner or a game, a chauffeured car service will be your best choice.

Do you have a special night planned? Are you arriving in a new city for a business meeting or conference? Have you had a few drinks and need to get home safely and comfortably?

The next time you need a ride, consider a town car service. Read on for the top five reasons to consider town car service.

1 — Comfort

Black car service eliminates the mystery. Most car services meticulously clean and maintain their fleet. Passenger safety and comfort is taken very seriously.  A successful limousine service will carry a late model fleet so you will always know what to expect.

2 — Class

The car you ride in should fit the occasion. A cab or rideshare car may be fine for a quick ride home from the bar. But not for an important business meeting, dinner at a five-star restaurant or a black-tie event.

Executive car service fleets exemplify luxury, style and class.  Price is important but so is value.  You get more value with a chauffeured car service.

You should expect clean, well-maintained executive sedans and luxury SUV’s when you use a limousine service. Your will always receive comfortable, stress-free ride for your special event, meeting or airport trip.

3 — Accountability

Who wants to feel uncomfortable when riding in a hired car? We all know it happens. But with a town car service, your ride should be pleasant and enjoyable. You will feel safe and should trust the company to look out for your well-being.

There are never questions about a driver’s qualifications, background screening and safety training.  A chauffeur is a true professional, who you can rely on for your well-being and peace of mind.

4 — Reliability

Rather than risk waiting for a ride at the curb, book in advance with an airport car service.

Drivers for these services are TSA screened so they can meet you at the gate or baggage claim to assist with your luggage and escort you to your car.

Why wait to the last minute to make plans for a special occasion or business meeting?  Book a professional limousine service in advance and get the service and reliability you deserve.

5 — Fixed Costs

With a chauffeur car service, you know your rates up front. You get a written confirmation in advance. If you are a frequent customer, you may even get a preferred corporate rate. You will get much for for your money when using a professional town car service.

Did you know it is also possible to book your car service online or with a mobile app?

Why Use a Town Car Service?

Rather than paying for uncertainty with safety and reliability, the next time you are out on the town or coming from the airport, consider a professional car service.

As the saying goes, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”.

To ride with safety, style and class, please refer to our services pageCOVID-19 protocols page and contact us for pricing information.

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